Book 5  A Change of Hearts
The morality of surrogacy is enough of a challenge for Carmen, but a visit to her father-in-law’s home in Texas opens old wounds.  Some old things are difficult to forget and some new things are difficult to accept.  Yet her reaction to the circumstances surrounding them could improve or destroy their marriage.  Read more...
Book 1   Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Carmen is up to her armpits in goats when she meets sophisticated Alex.  At first it is a battle of the sexes – until they fall in love.  Can two people so different actually meet on common ground?  Read more...
Book 2  Something Old, Something New
From chaste fiance to blushing bride, Carmen is struggling to cope with changes. Alex is trying to be patient, but he has his limits.  If their marriage is to succeed, they must learn to lean on each other. Read more...
Book 3  The Darkest Hour
Carmen is shocked when she discovers that, against all odds, she is pregnant.  The happy news turns sour when Alex says the baby isn’t his.  The distrust and abuse is destroying their marriage. Read more...
Book 4  For Better or Worse
When Alex is stabbed and goes into a coma, Carmen must accept the possibility that he may never recover.  Their vow to accept each other for better or worse is no longer romantic.  Read more...
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Book 7  An Ounce of Prevention
​A vacation to Arizona begins with a struggle to get Alex away from the clinic, but turns into a nightmare. Read more...
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Carmen & Alex Series

The Carmen & Alex Series
by Linda Louise Rigsbee
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