Beating The Competition
Copyright 2014 - Linda Louise Rigsbee
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This Flash Fiction Story is about a character from the book
"A Dangerous Love," by Linda Louise Rigsbee
    Connie sat alone in her apartment, staring at the television screen. She couldn't have said what was on, as her thoughts were consumed with Lisa's latest situation.
  Lisa and Connie had been best friends since high school, even though Lisa had been two years behind. She had always seemed so mature, until this last year when she started dating Allen. Lisa had never been impulsive, though she had always embraced adventure. Lisa confessed that Allen's "Robin Hood" nature was what interested her. That was the adventure - and the trouble. Allen, the son of a doctor, was selling recreational drugs and Lisa had no idea until he was arrested.
  Lisa was still dealing with the humiliation of that failed relationship when her family was killed in a car-train wreck. Poor Lisa. Tears welled up in Connie's eyes as the memory flooded her mind. What a horrible tragedy. Lisa had such a perfect family.
  Being Lisa's best friend meant being invisible to the guys. All eyes were always on Lisa. Then again, it also meant being surrounded by her rejects. Lisa was one of those people who had it all; brains, beauty and personality.  
  Allen had never interested Connie, but the police officer who had recently taken an interest in Lisa did. Len, like all the other guys, was obviously interested in Lisa, but he didn't make a fool of himself over her. He was there for her, like the good friend he had never been. He was the kind of friend Connie wanted.  
  Lisa had found a reason to live in her new mystery man, Yancey. He was not only handsome and dashing, but apparently had money. He also had a volatile temperament. Why did some people seem to seek out the same personality, over and over? Maybe this guy was different. Both Allen and Yancey appeared to be genuinely interested in Lisa. Hopefully this new guy was honest.
  Len had been unofficially investigating Yancey. For Connie, having a brother who was the newest addition to a law firm turned out to be an asset. While Howard had also been unable to turn up anything on Yancey, his occupation had attracted Len. For that, Connie was grateful. Maybe there was nothing to find on Yancey, but neither Howard nor Len thought that was the case. They wanted Lisa to get out of his home, but she insisted she had taken the job of sitter and maid and was going to see it through the summer.
  At first Connie was afraid her inability to give Len any information would cause him to lose interest in her, but that hadn't been the case either. From the start they had hit it off and he had even invited her to dinner. Maybe he was just being nice, or looking for more information.
  Connie leaned back on the couch and smiled. She wasn't going to think of it that way. There was no reason to think Len wouldn't be interested in someone besides Lisa. Beauty wasn't everything, and Lisa wasn't the only one with a brain.
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